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Data is raw information kept on a storage device, computer and other electronic gadgets for daily use or for future use. The increased use of online sites has created a threat to this data and it can be smashed and lost within seconds. This however requires a backup nature in the system that helps retrieve
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Use of SQL and .Net Languages for Data Recovery in Servers

Use of SQL and .Net Languages for Data Recovery in Servers SQL is an acronym for Standard Query Language and id used for communication with a database. American National Standards Institute defines as a typical language for relational database management systems. Standard query language statements are normally used to undertake such tasks as updating the
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What is Evaluation in Data Recovery Services?

Data recovery is the procedure of retrieving data lost due to bad weather, hardware failure, software failure or malicious intent. Data recovery software and data recovery services are designed to help users recover their data in case it has been lost due to the computer crash or an attack by a virus. The first process
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