Use of SQL and .Net Languages for Data Recovery in Servers

Use of SQL and .Net Languages for Data Recovery in Servers

SQL is an acronym for Standard Query Language and id used for communication with a database. American National Standards Institute defines as a typical language for relational database management systems. Standard query language statements are normally used to undertake such tasks as updating the database data as well as recovering data from databases and servers. Some of the common relational database management systems which utilizes SQL include Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, Sybase, Ingres and Access among others. Such standard SQL commands as select, create, delete, insert, drop and update are used to accomplish everything that may be needed to do with a database.

On the other hand .net is not a language but rather a programming framework that was initiated by Microsoft to be used by developers to easily create applications in Windows operating systems. It is beneficial to end-users as it provides applications with high quality, capability and security. .NET framework programs are executed in a in a software environment referred to as Common Language Runtime (CLR). CLR is an application virtual machine which provides such services as exception handling and security memory management. Both the Framework Class Library (FCL) and CLR constitute the .NET framework.

FCL is an amalgamation of more than 7000 data types and classes that enables applications to access databases, read and write files, display graphical user interfaces, process XML, draw graphics, and use web services. According to Microsoft, .NET framework is its web services strategy to connect systems, people, and information along with devices through software. It provides the ability to build, deploy, use and manage networked, security-enhanced solutions and web services. The .NET solutions allows businesses rapidly integrate their services in a more responsive manner as well as help them realize the value of information anywhere, anytime, and in any device.

Both the SQL and the .NET framework can be used to recover data from servers. Data backup on servers is always recommended but data loss or corruption can occur at any time even before a backup commences. However, if data loss occurs after a backup, then there is no need for you to worry as you can easily restore the lost data into the original state. If the loss took place before backup was initiated, you will need to use other software like the Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair. When using .NET framework to restore data from a server, you will need to connect to the data source in order to reconcile the changes back to the original state.


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