What is Evaluation in Data Recovery Services?

Data recovery is the procedure of retrieving data lost due to bad weather, hardware failure, software failure or malicious intent. Data recovery software and data recovery services are designed to help users recover their data in case it has been lost due to the computer crash or an attack by a virus.

The first process of data recovery involves evaluation. Evaluation is a process which involves analyzing and determining the extent to which data has been lost. A technician who is responsible for data recovery process analyses the media and in the process tries to determine what caused the data loss and what needs to be done in order to restore the lost data. In order to find this kind of information, the technician has to perform an extensive procedure in a number of steps.

First the technician carries out research to determine whether the problem that caused data loss whether it is a physical problem, a logical problem or a combination of both. If the technician finds out that it is a physical problem then the possible solution is that it is a hardware malfunction. On the other hand if the technician finds out that it is a logical problem then probably there is an issue with the software. Once the problem has been identified and the cause the technician then plans out the recovery process to recover the information.

After the prognosis, the technician together with data recovery experts go ahead to clone the media and then assimilate it into their system. This process is only possible if the technician has access to the media. The next stage of data evaluation is data structure. This is where the technician determines how much data can be saved. The whole process of data evaluation is time consuming since the technician has to go through each and every process and determine which data can be retrieved and what amount of data will be retrieved.

In most circumstances, data is usually recovered within 48 hours. However the whole process of data evaluation will take a few days since it is a planned out process and so it is time consuming. Evaluation may even take longer depending on the parts that are required and the number of technicians that will be involved in the process. The good news is that most of the data recovery services offer free data evaluation.







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